2nd International Conference On
Communication Systems, Computing & IT Applications

Venue: Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai | 7 - 8 April, 2017

St. Francis Institute of Technology
(Approved by AICTE, Affiliated to University of Mumbai, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, NBA Accredited)

List of Accepted Papers:

Paper ID Title
1570318834 A Dual Band Omni-Directional Antenna for WAVE and Wi-Fi
1570321711 A Comparative Study on Feature Dependency of the Manipuri Language Based Phonetic Engine
1570321940 Obfuscation: Maze of Code
1570321954 Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
1570322030 Music Features Based on Hu Moments for Genre Classification
1570322343 Modulation of Radio Frequency Signal Due to Surface Atmospheric Parameters
1570322458 Synthesis and Classification of LC Oscillators
1570324572 Effect of Automatic Landmark Identification on CSCPG Reconstruction
1570324836 High Speed Pipelined 64-Point FFT Processor Based on Radix-2^2 for Wireless LAN
1570325279 Blind Speech Separation Using Canonical Correlation and Performance Analysis
1570327411 Assess Autism Level While Playing Games
1570327413 E-Negotiator Based on Buyer's Surfing Patterns
1570327922 Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection Technique for Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
1570328154 Interactive Selection of Time-Tables Generated Using Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
1570328171 Workload Prediction Model Based on Supervised Learning for Energy Efficiency in Cloud
1570328309 Image Quality Assessment Based Outlier Detection for Face Anti-Spoofing
1570328341 Cued Click Authentication
1570328402 Smart Ticketing System for Railways in Smart Cities Using Software as a Service Architecture
1570328479 Prediction of Visual Perception from BOLD fMRI
1570328526 RESAR: Reliable Storage at Exabyte Scale Reconsidered
1570328587 Modelling Database Server Sizing for Concurrent Users Using Coloured Petri-nets
1570328597 Using Algebraic Signatures to Compress Built-In Self Test on a Chip
1570328620 Recapitulization of Tweets Using Graph-based Clustering
1570328699 Pixel N-grams for Mammographic Lesion Classification
1570328771 Non-Pairing Attribute Based Encryption Scheme Based on Quadratic Residuosity
1570328816 A Variational Thermodynamic Methodology Applied to Model Critical Smart Grid Electronic Devices
1570328856 Improved Fraud Detection in e-Commerce Transactions
1570328899 Automatic Question Generation for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
1570328919 Word Sense Disambiguation in Bengali: An Unsupervised Approach
1570328922 Word Sense Disambiguation in Bengali: a Knowledge Based Approach Using Bengali WordNet
1570329019 Role of Genetic Algorithm in Performance Improvement of Image Steganography Combined with Transform and Its Wavelet
1570329061 SRC Analysis of EEG Signal for Activity Detection
1570329305 Geographic Location and Delay Based Integrated Routing Metric for Reliable Routing in MANETs
1570329421 Development of Intelligent Digital Certificate Fuzzer Tool
1570329828 Double Threshold Based Spectrum Sensing Technique Using Sample Covariance Matrix for Cognitive Radio Networks
1570330042 Patient Knowledge and Data Privacy in Healthcare Records System
1570331332 Generic Architecture Proposal of IoT Focused on Communication for Implanted Wireless Medical Devices
1570331634 LPC Based Low Dimensional Features for Object Classification
1570331635 Privacy Preserving Speech, Face and Fingerprint Based Biometric Authentication System Using Secure Signal Processing
1570331715 Sub-optimal User Scheduling for MU-MIMO System Using Channel Quantization with Two-stage Feedback
1570331733 Predicting the Popularity of Instagram Posts for a Lifestyle Magazine Using Deep Learning
1570331734 An Image Based Eye Controlled Assistive System for Paralytic Patients
1570331803 Compact Wideband Quarter-Wave Transformer Using Stepped Impedance Microstrip Lines
1570331873 Energy Detection Spectrum Sensing on DPSK Modulation Transceiver Using GNU Radio
1570331915 Modified C-shape Microstrip Antenna for Dual and Broadband Response
1570331926 Endorse Your Brand: Self Development Tool for Agile Employment
1570332294 Comparing HiveQL and MapReduce Methods to Process Fact Data in a Data Warehouse
1570332309 Relative Similarity and Stability in FCA Pattern Structures Using Game Theory
1570332320 Improving Performance of CSS Cognitive Radio Networks Under Jamming Attack
1570332373 Performance Analysis of Maximum Likelihood Channel Estimation Method and Modified SL0 Channel Estimation Method
1570332394 Heuristic Approach for Association Rule Hiding Using ECLAT
1570332429 A Study on Frequency Reconfiguration of Microstrip Slot Antennas Using PIN Diodes
1570332444 A Hybrid Scheme of Information Hiding Incorporating Steganography as Well as Watermarking in the Speech Signal Using Quantization Index Modulation (QIM)
1570332471 High Resolution Reconfigurable Bio-Potential Processor for Portable Biomedical Application
1570332476 Performance Comparison of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n
1570332670 Design of e-Learning Content for Student Guidance Based on ILS and 4MAT Theory
1570332986 Energy Consumption in Multi-Mode Routers Using AWG and MEMS Switches
1570333186 Energy Efficient and Reliable Routing in Densely Distributed WSN
1570333264 Optimization of Device Selection in a Mobile Ad-hoc Cloud Based on Composition Score
1570333399 Performance Improvement of Single Phase Matrix Converter by Designing Band Pass Filter for Induction Heating
1570333431 A Review on Matrix Factorization Techniques in Recommender Systems
1570333446 On the Design of Circularly Polarized U-slot Cut Square Microstrip Antenna
1570333462 Orchestration Approach for Heterogeneous Cognitive Network Based on Intelligent Optimization Techniques